Endorsements from Industry Veterans


“Rachelle is a brilliant person and a great professional. She knows about VFX and she knows how to recognize the best talents and how to speak to them. She has been incredibly helpful and supportive during the difficult process of finding the right people for our department (3D Digital Matte Painting) here at MPC London and I truly look forward to work with her again in the future.”

– Marco Genovesi, Head of 3D Digital Matte Painting, MPC, London

“I worked with Rachelle at Sony Pictures Imageworks. She is one of the best at what she does. She knows what she wants and gets it. Rachelle knows a lot of people in the industry and works well with them. She is very talented at getting people and knowing who is right for that position. I have known her for many years and she is a good person to know. She will come through for you!”

– Marvin Kim, Modeling Supervisor, Sony Pictures Imageworks

“Rachelle, has separated herself as a talent manager through her outstanding expertise, diligence and hard work in such a great way, that Rachelle is the first person I contact for any talent management and recruiting needs. Furthermore when asked for, Rachelle is the first person I recommend to anyone. Therefore I highly recommend her here, to anyone looking for one of the best talent managers.”

– Andre Thomas, CG Supe, Electronic Arts

“I’ve known Rachelle for several years and worked with her at Dreamworks Feature Animation and Digital Domain. At DD, she managed the recruiting department which supplied a constant flow of contract artists from all over the world. She ensured that every production was staffed with the best possible talent, in spite of extremely challenging conditions. I’ve always enjoyed working with her. She’s tough, yet very approachable, and fun to hang with– a rare and valuable combination in our industry. Whenever I need to find “that guy who did the cool thing on that movie” I call her first because she’s got one of the best rolodexes in the business. She loves artists, and is an excellent liason between those who create the art and those who run the show.”

– Steve Dyson, Technical Training, Artistic Dev., Digital Domain

“Rachelle is a super-talented recruiter with a knack for matching some of the industries top talents with the fortunate facilities that’ve come to depend upon them: Artists such as ME! Seriously though, while her talents lie in her ability to know what the job is (especially when it’s animation-related) and then match the right talent with the right position, I’ve always felt that Rachelle maintains the artists best-interest at the forefront of her decision-making. She’s gone to the mat for me on more than one occasion. Plainly said, Rachelle knows what’s up in the industry; she knows the talented artists that help it thrive; She puts them all together, and does so with a hell of a lot of personality!”\

– Tom Bruno, Jr., Senior Character Animator, Sony Pictures Imageworks

“Rachelle is one of the most experienced recruiters in the business and knows her market inside and out. Not only does her professional demeanor and knowledge make her dependable for her clients but she is also a hit with artists and knows how to analyze skill and passion. I always recommend her to both companies and artists.”

– Heather Kenyon, Sr. Director of Development, Cartoon Network

“Rachelle is one of the most down to earth, fair, honest people I have met, doing what she does. She isn’t afraid to tell you like it is, both good and bad, but most importantly tells you want you need to hear, when others won’t. Her personality always keeps things alive and is much appreciated. While not only have an incredible resume and list of contacts, her ability to generate new contacts, and get you in touch with them is far outstanding. She is well known in the business, as she should be. Her commitment to her clients is outrageous and often far surpasses what she is obligated to do, allowing you to realize how much she actually cares about what she does, and who her clients are, along with their well being. Rachelle has personal made me a lot of contacts and friends and has greatly pushed my career forward, she’s great.”

– Jack Kasprzak, Digital Artist, Digital Domain

“Rachelle Lewis is a great recruiter who always puts the interest of the artist first. Her honesty and directness help get her clients the positions they are seeking. If it weren’t for Rachelle, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to be a part of major high profile films at Sony Pictures Imageworks. Rachelle has a vast knowledge of what is going on in our industry and knows where you can fit in it successfully. I highly recommend Rachelle Lewis as she is one of the best recruiters who will work hard to help get into the studio you desire.”

– Boola Robello, Senior Character Animator, Sony Pictures Imageworks

“I highly recommend Rachelle as a valued resource in the animation industry. Her knowledge of what’s going on in the industry as well as who’s doing it is second to none. Hard work, perseverance, and unwavering loyalty are the attributes I most associate with Rachelle and I would not hesitate for a second in employing her and/or her company.”

– Jay Francis, co-founder and evp new business, phuuz entertainment inc.

“Rachelle knows this business forwards and backwards. She’s been in the trenches, so she knows what it takes to initiate, staff up, meet the deadline, and deliver a quality product. She brings all that and more to the table when she selects her talent base, which means that you can trust her to supply anything from specialists to an entire crew. She’s on my speed dial.”

– Glenn Campbell, Visual Effects Supervisor, Area 51

“Rachelle and I have worked together at several studios over the years. She has a keen eye for talent and is responsible for building some of the top production teams at numerous studios. Rachelle stays current on the latest projects and available talent and ,often, has great stories to go with them. Whenever I need an “A” list of creative people for a new project I call Rachelle.”

– John Holmquist, Creative Producer/Director

“Rachelle is a high-energy, passionate advocate for her finds. She brings a depth-of-understanding of the industry, as well as a great judge of talent.”

– Wook Wook, Manager, Technical Directors, Digital Domain

“Rachelle is at the top of her game in the visual effects industry; not only is she extremely technically minded, she has an excellent eye for talent and a passion for artist progression. It is rare in this day and age to find someone as passionate and dedicated about what they do, aspiring to help others to reach their full potential. She should always be your first port of call when sourcing the ‘creme de la creme.'”

– Pete Draper, VFX Director, Lightworx Media

“Rachelle is simply amazing. She is very connected and with her personality could easily could be an effective producer. She knows talent and knows whats going on in the industry. Rachelle is the ONLY recruiter I would go to when seeking a project. When the opportunity presents itself I recommend her. If I needed to crew up for a project she would be my first call.”

– Richard Suchy, Character Modeler, Texture Painter, Designer

“We were lucky to have Rachelle come speak at our college to our visual students. The students really loved hearing about the Industry and the presentation was fantastic. I would gladly invite her back to speak again!”

– Chryssa Cooke Sanders, Director of Industry Relations/Career Development, Visual Media, Ex’pression College for Digital Arts

“There’s no one better at placing the proper artist in the right position than Rachelle Lewis…She is what all recruiters aspire to be…the best! If I was in need of placement, I would gladly hand over my career to her most capable hands.”

– James Philip Gentile, Artist Manager, Legend 3D

“What can I say about Rachelle? She has spent her career building strong and real relationships with the very best talent in the fields of both animation and visual effects. She also cares to help develop the younger talent, realizing that this is the lifeblood of the industry. Rachelle was a great boss and managed well a very intense set of production demands at Digital Domain. She was effective, fair and willing to get into the trenches and get her hands dirty and recruit. I cannot recommend Rachelle highly enough.”

– Marc Shea, Recruiter, Digital Domain

“Rachelle’s knowledge and experience in VFX and Animation is unsurpassed by anyone in the industry. Her talents proved themselves greatly at Digital Domain where she re-established policy and procedure as well as gave the Recruiting Dept a new face. Her undying dedication and devotion to the industry has made her a name that stands alone. Rachelle is the reason I know what I know in VFX. Working with her was an amazing experience for obtaining knowledge and to have the “Rachelle” experience. She is a truly wonderful human being.”

– Joseph Caggiano, Manager of Recruiting, Rhythm and Hues Studios

“I have had the good fortune to consult for numerous major film studios, among them Pixar, SONY ImageWorks, Rhythm and Hues, DreamWorks, Pacific Data Images, Disney Imagineering, and Disney Feature Animation. In that experience over the past fifteen years, I have never met so compelling a combination of professional, motivator, and eye for talent as Rachelle Lewis. In my work with studios, I get to work directly with artists and have come to recognize how critical a properly assembled team is in animation or effects work. Ms. Lewis transcends genre and medium in her ability to find the perfect person for each position, and to inspire students and seasoned professionals alike in motivational and training speeches. There would be a lot more hits, and a lot fewer box-office duds out there if there were more people like Rachelle Lewis in the industry.”

– Stuart S. Sumida, Ph.D. Professor of Biology, California State University

“I had the good fortune of meeting Rachelle when she was still with Sony. She is quite simply the best talent agent and recruiter in the business. Her endless energy and ethical approach to her work yields results that are in the best interest of the studio and artist. She is an honest, no nonsense, straight shooter who’s ability to combine the right talent with the right studio is uncanny. She is a delight to be around and a problem solver extraordinaire.”

– Dan Taylor, Director of Animation, Digital Domain

“What I really appreciate about Rachelle Lewis is her relationship with artists. She is a great advocate for journeymen with talent and skills as well as the newcomers with drive and potential. She is great about giving honest and direct feedback to applicants and students. I have had to work with many recruiters on the requirements for our department and was really impressed with how Rachelle absorbed what we were looking for and found candidates that captured our unique needs.”

– Nathan Loofbourrow, Character TD Supervisor, DreamWorks Animation

“Rachelle Lewis is one of the most energetic and personable recruiters I’ve ever met. With a keen eye for talent and extensive industry knowledge, she knows how to get the right person for the right job.”

– Tom Martinek, Sequence Supervisor, ILM

“Rachelle’s knowledge of animation and vfx matched with her energy, passion and love of the craft as well as one amazing rolodex makes Rachelle invaluable to any facility. Rachelle’s years of recruiting experience provides her the ability to quickly find the right artists for the job. Her knowledge of the capabilities and strengths of the artists becomes a time saver when you need to recruit quickly. One of the qualities you want in a recruiter is the ability to excite the artist about a project or company. Rachelle with her knowledge of animation and vfx along with her passion for the work adds that quality. Her years of experience at recruiting have also built a level of trust with many artists that she recruits. When she calls, people know she thinks they are right for the job. She doesn’t just bring reels in, she brings the right talent in. Recruiting is not an easy job to do right…and Rachelle does it right.”

– Dennis Hoffman, Sr. Vice President of Feature Production, Digital Domain

“Rachelle Lewis brings not only a deep knowledge of our business and an unbridled enthusiasm for our craft but, most importantly, a genuine, abiding love for the people who work with us. Rachelle is such a positive force in our industry that I simply cannot imagine our animation community without her.”

– Frank Gladstone, Vice President, Artistic Development, IDT Entertainment

“Rachelle speaks both the artist’s language and that of the businessperson, making her that rare bridge between the right brain of creative talent and the left brain of bottom-line management.”

– Douglas Willard, COO, Klasky Csupo

“Rachelle Lewis was single-handedly responsible for putting together my animation team. She was able to match both experienced artists and first timers to such a successful degree that the team yielded both quality and output that resulted in the project finishing ahead of schedule and substantially under budget. Rachelle’s secret weapon is her ability to get close to artists on an almost personal level. She is uncannily able to assess a candidate and relate to that individual in a manner that promotes a level of trust which many recruiters fail to attain.”

– Marco Marenghi, Animation Supervisor

“Rachelle’s wonderful knack for bringing people together in a positive way not only reflects on her knowledge of the needs of the animation industry, but on her understanding of how the human component makes for a successful creative relationship between producers and artists.”

– Corky Quackenbush, Director and Producer, Space Bass Films, Inc.

“I have been in the Animation Industry for over 18 years and have had the pleasure of knowing Rachelle Lewis for approx the last 8 years. I have yet to meet another recruiter with the same passion and level of understanding of Animation and the Animation industry that she possesses. Rachelle has great energy, a great sense of humor and genuinely cares about the Artists she places. I would have no qualms about putting my career in her very capable hands.”

– Micheal Kiely, Animator, Disney Feature Animation